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For Financial Aid information and dates check out our Financial Aid Info page.

The FAQ page has lots of VGCC Bookstore information. Check there for answers to common questions.


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Financial Aid Questions
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Q1.  Does each campus have a bookstore?

  • Each campus has a bookstore, but store hours may vary between campuses.

Q2.  Do the campus bookstores close for lunch?

  • The main campus bookstore in Henderson does not close for lunch.  The satellite stores do close for lunch except during rush week.

Q3.  How can I contact a campus bookstore?

  • You can reach any campus store by calling 252-738-3260 and pressing the number for the campus you need to reach:  1 for Main, 2 for Franklin, 3 for South and 4 for Warren.  You may also email the VGCC Bookstore manager at  During busy times, please refer to the VGCC bookstore page as many of your questions can be answered there.  The bookstore staff tries very hard to service all of our students, but it can be very difficult during rush periods for us to answer all questions immediately.

Q4.  Can I pay by phone or email for any items from the bookstore?

  • No, items can be purchased in the store or through the online order site.  No campus bookstore will accept payment over the phone or through email.  (You should never send  credit card information through email as this is not a secure method.)

Q5.  Will the VGCC bookstore hold textbooks and/or general merchandise for me to purchase or pickup later?

  • No, the VGCC bookstore cannot hold any merchandise.  All bookstore items are sold on first-come, first-serve basis.

Q6.  Why can I not get textbook information over the phone?

  • The VGCC bookstore staff makes great effort to assist our students whenever possible; however, due to required correctness of the textbook information, we determined that it was much simpler for the student to copy the information directly from the booklist.  The booklist for an upcoming semester will be available approximately 2 months before the semester begins on the VGCC bookstore page. This booklist will include the ISBN, author, title, and bookstore price for the book. (This price is subject to change without notice when changes occur from the publisher.)

Q7.  Does the VGCC Bookstore close during the summer?

  • None of the campus bookstores closes for the summer; however, some may have modified hours for the summer term.  Please check the website for all bookstore hours.



Q1.  How can I find out information about textbooks for the upcoming term?

  • Textbook information for current semesters, as well as future semesters that have open registration, will be posted on the VGCC Bookstore page as the information becomes available.

         This information can be found using the link:

  • Choose the academic term that for which you need information and a list of courses will appear.  Choose the desired course and all required material(s) will appear.  If some courses do not have used or rental information, then this  information is not available at this time.

Q2.  How can I find out how much my textbooks cost?

  • This information is available at the site listed above.   If you see that textbook information has posted for a particular term, but the price information is not listed, please check back later as the VGCC bookstore is still working on the price list for that term.

Q3.  Can I rent my textbook?

  • Some of our textbooks may be available for rental.  This option is not available for all textbooks.  If you are ordering online and the textbook is available for rent, this information will appear on the online ordering page.  If you are purchasing in-store, simply ask a VGCC Bookstore staff member which textbooks are available for rent.

 Q4.  Are there used copies of all textbooks?

  • No, unfortunately, not all textbooks are available used.  Some textbooks are only available as new for a variety of reasons. Also, used textbooks are typically the first to be sold, as textbooks are sold on a “first-come, first-serve” basis.

 Q5.  Can I order my textbooks online?

  • Yes, online ordering is an option.  Go to the online ordering site and place textbooks in your  “cart” just as you would with any other online order.  Click “Checkout” when you are finished and you will be asked for payment information.  If you choose Financial Aid as a payment option, you MUST include your 7-digit Student ID number for the order to be  processed.  (Failure to include this number will result in your order being cancelled.)

Q6.  When can I purchase textbooks using cash, check or credit card?

  • When paying with cash, check or credit card, you may begin purchasing textbooks on the first day of the month that classes begin.  So, fall term would be August 1, spring term  would be January 2 (or whenever classes resume after the holiday break), and summer term would be May 1.

 Q7.  When can I purchase textbooks using financial aid?

  • The bookstore cannot distinguish between the different types of financial aid, such as Pell Grant, scholarships or sponsorships.  For that reason, all financial aid begins on the Monday prior to the first day of class.  Check the financial aid tab on the bookstore page and exact dates for opening and closing financial aid will be listed as they are set by the bookstore and the financial aid department.



Q1.  Can I pay for my textbooks using financial aid through the online site?

  • Yes, the online site will accept payment using financial aid.  You MUST include your 7-digit Student ID number as part of the payment process.  If this number is not included, your order will be cancelled.

Q2.  Can I pick up my online order in the store?

  • No, all online orders must be shipped.  There is an $11.99 shipping charge (plus tax) for all orders,  regardless of size, weight or destination.  The state of NC requires us to charge sales tax on shipping charges. The bookstore allows 1 – 3 days for processing and 3 – 10 days for delivery.  (It does not usually take this amount of time, but we allow for delays, just in case.)

 Q3.  What address should I use to receive my order?

  • All orders must be shipped to a physical address.  The bookstore cannot ship to a PO box.  If a PO box address is used, your order may be cancelled.  Please make sure that you have a secure  location for delivery of your books.   

 Q4. Will VGCC reimburse me if my order is lost, damaged, or stolen?

  • VGCC ships all packages via FedEx so that all orders can be tracked.  If FedEx shows a package delivered to the correct address, VGCC will NOT be responsible for packages that are lost or stolen.  If a package becomes damaged, reimbursement will be at the discretion of the bookstore manager.  It is the student’s responsibility to make sure he/she has a secure location for delivery of their textbooks.

Q5.  Can I rent my textbooks when ordering online? Rental will be available Fall 2018.

  • Textbooks available for rent will show rental information on the online site.  A valid credit card (Mastercard/Visa) and a valid VGCC Student ID are required for rental even if you are paying with financial aid. 
    A prepaid and/or reloadable card (NetSpend, Green Dot, Wal-Mart, American Express Serve, Visa Vanilla) is not acceptable as collateral.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Q6.  How will I know if my online order has been processed?

  • You should receive an email indicating that your order has been fulfilled.  If you have not received an email within the 3 day window, you can contact the bookstore at 252-738-3260 and a member of the bookstore staff will be glad to let you know if your order has been processed.  We will not provide tracking information until after the 10th day of your order.



Rental will be available beginning Fall 2018 semester.

Q. What is required to rent textbooks?

  • You will be required to have a valid VGCC student ID (no other form of ID will be acceptable for rental) and a credit card (Mastercard or Visa) for collateral.  A prepaid and/or reloadable card (NetSpend, Green Dot, Wal-Mart, American Express Serve, Visa Vanilla) will not be accepted as collateral.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  All correspondence concerning rentals will be through your VGCC student email account.  Please check your email often and if you do not receive your emails, check your spam/junk folder for these emails.

Q. Can I pay for my rental using financial aid?

  • Yes, you can pay for rental using financial aid.  However, a valid credit card (Mastercard or Visa) is required for all rental even if paid with financial aid.  A prepaid and/or reloadable card (NetSpend, Green Dot, Wal-Mart, American Express Serve, Visa Vanilla) will not be accepted as collateral.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  The credit card is used for collateral and will not be charged unless the book is not returned.  Email reminders will be sent to your VGCC email account to remind you of your rental and due date.

Q.  Can I rent my books online?

  • Yes, you will be able to rent books through the online site.  However, book returns should be done in person or you may ship them back to the bookstore via FedEX or UPS in order to receive rental return confirmation.  You must include your name and student ID number with the return.  You cannot ship buyback books to the bookstore.  Books for buyback must be returned in person to any VGCC campus during the buyback period.  If you miss the buyback, you can sell your books by accessing the following website:, going to the Buyback Information page, scrolling to the bottom and clicking on “cash for books”. 


Q.  Will my credit card be charged anything?

  • Your credit card will be charged if you use the card to pay for your rental.  Otherwise, you will only be charged if you return your rental late or fail to return it at all.  At this time, your card may be charged late fees and/or the price of the textbook plus late fees if the book is considered lost.  Email reminders will be sent to your VGCC email account to remind you of your rental and due date,

 Q.  What happens if the book rental is turned in late or not returned?

  • A late fee of $10 will be charged to your credit card if your rental is returned after the due date.  (Satellite hours are not a valid reason for late returns.)  If your rental is not returned, your credit card will be charged the full price of a new textbook and any late fees.  The textbook then belongs to the student and will no longer be accepted for return.

 Q.  Will I get any money back when the textbook is returned?

  • No, the amount you paid initially is the amount charged to rent the textbook.  This amount is not refunded.  However, the VGCC Bookstore refund policy applies to rentals the same  as with purchases.  If your rental is returned within the refund period, the rental amount  will be refunded to you.  Please read the VGCC Bookstore Refund Policy for complete refund details.

Q.  What if I accidentally sell my book rental to the VGCC bookstore during book buyback?

  • A student ID will be required for buyback.  If this happens, please notify the VGCC bookstore manager as soon as possible.  The rental will be treated as not turned in and you will be charged the full cost of the textbook, but by notifying the manager, you will not be charged any late fees.

Q.  How will I remember to turn my book rental in on time?

  • Your rental due date will be printed on your receipt.  The VGCC bookstore will send you email notifications to remind you of the rental return date.  These email notifications will be sent to your VGCC student email account.  Please be sure to check it on a regular basis.  If you rented a book and do not receive the notifications, check your spam/junk folder to make sure the email did not go there in error.

Q.  What if I lost my rental book?

  • Unfortunately, any student that loses a rental book will be responsible for paying the full  textbook price of the rental book.  Contact the VGCC bookstore manager so that no late fees will be charged.

Q.  What do I do if my rental book is damaged?

  • Damages to the rental book will be at the discretion of the VGCC Bookstore staff.  Rental books that have water damage, torn/missing covers, missing pages, or excessive writing/highlighting may require the student to pay full retail price of the rental book.

Q.  What if I keep the rental book past the return date?

  • You will be accessed the late fee for any rental returned past the due date.  Any rental returned after the final cut-off will result in the student being charged the full retail price of the textbook and the student will then own the rental book.

Q.  Can I get a refund if I change my mind about renting a book?

  • Rental books can be returned just as purchased books.  The same VGCC refund policy applies to rental books as it does to purchased books.  Please refer to the Full VGCC Refund Policy located on the VGCC bookstore webpage.

Q.  If I rent a textbook, can I write in it?

  • No, rental books cannot be written in.  Highlighting is acceptable, but only in small amounts.  Writing or highlighting on every page could cause your book to be refused and could cause the student to be charged full retail price for the textbook.  The bookstore staff will determine if the book is acceptable.



Financial Aid Questions

Q1.  What do I need to bring with me to the bookstore to purchase books with financial aid?

  • All students are required to provide a printed schedule from their WebAdvisor account and a student Photo ID to make any purchases in the bookstore using financial aid funds.  The bookstore staff cannot look up your schedule or your student ID #.  (NOTE:  Students without a valid student ID will not be allowed to rent textbooks.)

Q2.  Why does VGCC say that I have a balance due at the Business Office for charges made in the VGCC Bookstore when I paid using financial aid?

  • Students paying with financial aid in the bookstore are responsible for ALL charges made in the bookstore even if the purchases are made using financial aid.  If financial aid is lost for any reason, the amounts owed are turned over to the Business Office to be placed on the student’s account.  The student is notified of these charges and owes this amount to VGCC.

Q3.  Can I purchase more than one (1) electronic item, such as a laptop and/or tablet with my financial aid?

  • Students who have available funds may purchase one laptop and one tablet during the semester, but only after all textbooks have been purchased.  Students with financial aid other than a Pell Grant must have permission from their sponsor etc. to purchase any items other than textbooks in the bookstore.  The student is required to pay for any items not covered by their sponsoring agency.

 Q4.  What if my laptop/tablet is stolen and I want to purchase another with my financial aid?

  • A police report is required in order for a student to purchase another laptop/tablet with financial aid.  The police report must be presented to the VGCC bookstore staff to determine if another laptop/tablet can be purchased.

Q5.  Why are my financial aid funds not available in the bookstore if I have received my award letter?

  • There are several reasons that your financial aid may not appear in the bookstore.  Your award letter advises you of how much financial aid you can receive based on 12 credit hours (full time student) of class.  If you are taking less than 12 hours of class, your financial aid will be prorated based on the number of hours you are taking.  Also, your financial aid may not appear if the financial aid department requires additional information that has not been presented by the student.  There may also be a “flag” on your account for any number of reasons.  Regardless, the bookstore has no control over your financial aid appearing in the bookstore.  If your financial aid is not visible, the student will need to contact the financial aid department to get the issue corrected.

 Q6.  What can I purchase from the bookstore with my financial aid?

  • You can purchase anything in the bookstore with your financial aid.  However, your sponsoring agency may have limits on what can be purchased.  It is the responsibility of the student to know what type of funding they have and what they can and cannot purchase.  The VGCC bookstore staff does not have access to any information regarding your financial aid and cannot advise you about how it can be spent.  Please know that you will be required to pay for any items not covered by your sponsoring agency.

Q7.  How can I check the current balance on my financial aid account?

  • This information can be found on your myVGCC WebAdvisor account.  Any charges to your account should be updated daily so that the balance should be accurate.

Q8.  What happens if my financial aid is revoked and I have made purchases at the VGCC Bookstore?

  • Students are responsible for all purchases made in the bookstore, regardless of financail aid.  The refund policy will be applied if the financial aid is revoked during the refund period.  Otherwise, any amount charged will be sent to the Business Office to be placed on the student’s account.




Q1.  What is book buyback?

  • Book buyback is the opportunity for students to sell textbooks they no longer need.  This is not a refund or a return.  You are selling your book to a wholesale company or back to the bookstore for an amount determined by the company or the bookstore.  You will be paid cash for your books regardless of how you purchased them initially.  Remember that you cannot sell back rental books.  The company and the bookstore make every effort to buy as many books as possible, but not all books will be bought at the buyback.

Q2.  What is required to sell my books at buyback?

  • Due to the implementation of rental, all students will be required to provide a valid student ID in order to sell books at the buyback.  If you receive permission to have someone else sell your books for you, they will be required to have the student ID of the student who purchased the book.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Q3.  When can I sell my textbooks at the buyback?

  • Buyback is held at the end of each semester.  Dates for the buyback are usually set about 6 weeks in advance and will be posted on the bookstore webpage.  Please check the webpage regularly to determine buyback dates, times and locations.  Books are not bought on any other days and once the buyback is closed, no more books will be purchased.

Q4.  What if I have textbooks that are still sealed in the original shrink-wrap?

  • Books in shrink-wrap typically contain an access code and are not purchased by the bookstore during the buyback.  The wholesale company may break the bundle and purchase each of the books individually.

Q5.  How can I find out which textbooks will be bought back?

  • Unfortunately, the VGCC bookstore will not know which books are being purchased by the wholesale company or the bookstore.  Condition of the book is very important in determining if a book will be purchased, so we will not provide any information.  The student must bring in all books they wish to sell and they will be scanned for buyback. 

Q6.  How much money will I get for my textbooks?

  • Students generally receive 25% of the original purchase price for books purchased by the wholesale company.  Students MAY receive up to 50% of the original purchase price for books purchased by the bookstore.  The exact amount you will receive will be determined when the books are scanned at the buyback.  No price information will be given over the phone.

Q7.  Can someone else bring my textbooks in to sell at buyback if I am unable to do so during the buyback dates?

  • It is preferable for students to bring in their own books for buyback.  Please contact the VGCC bookstore manager for special permission to have someone else sell your textbooks at the buyback.  This eliminates some of the possibility for theft and/or fraud.

Q8.  Can I sell textbooks that I bought somewhere else?

  • The wholesale company purchases textbooks across the entire US.  You can bring in any textbooks you no longer need, and we will scan them to determine if they are being purchased.

Q9.  Why are some textbooks not bought back, even if I just purchased them at the beginning of the term?

  • VGCC bookstore cannot guarantee that any textbooks will be bought during the buyback.  There are many different reasons why some textbooks are bought back and others are not.  Some instructors may choose another textbook, some textbooks may go to new edition and still others may require an access code. 

Q10.  Why did I get such a low amount back when selling my textbook during buyback when I paid so much for it originally?

  • Textbook values are determined by many different factors.  The textbook may have recently gone to new edition or may need to have unused access codes with them.  When textbooks are bundled with an access code, the access code is usually the more expensive part of the bundle and cannot be used again once it has been activated.

Q11.  Can I sell a textbook during buyback that has writing or highlighting in it?

  • Excessive highlighting may prevent the wholesale company or the bookstore from buying back a textbook.  Also, written answers in the textbook will prevent a textbook from being purchased during buyback.  You will be advised when the textbook is scanned.

Q12.  Can I sell a textbook during buyback that has been damaged?

  • All textbooks must be in fair to good condition to be bought back.  Books with torn covers, missing pages, water or other damage, or excessive writing/highlighting may not be bought.  Condition will be determined when the textbook is scanned.

 Q13.  Can I sell a textbook during buyback that originally came with an access code, but I used the code for class?

  • Some textbooks can be bought during buyback that originally were purchased with an access code, while others may require the unused access code in order to be bought back.  This decision will be made at the time the books are presented for buyback.

Q14.  How do I know if I need to have an access code/DVD/CD insert with a textbook in order to sell it during buyback?

  • If a textbook originally came with any type of insert (code/DVD/CD), they are probably required for buyback.  It is suggested that all inserts be returned with the book when it is presented for buyback.

Q15.  Can I sell note packets or loose-leaf textbooks during buyback?

  • Unfortunately, VGCC Bookstore does not buyback any type of these textbooks during buyback.

Q16.  What should I do if I miss the in-store buyback?

  • The VGCC Bookstore only buys textbooks during our buyback period at the end of each semester.  If you miss the buyback, you will need to wait until the end of the next semester to sell your books.  The buyback dates are always posted in the "Buyback Information" section of our website at at least 30 days in advance of the buyback.





Q1.  What is the VGCC Bookstore Return Policy?          

The original receipt is required for any refunds or exchanges. The book must be in the exact original condition as when purchased. (Damage caused by a book bag, etc. may prevent you from obtaining a refund.) All shrink-wrapped packages must be unopened. Any opened or re-sealed shrink-wrapped packages will not be refunded.
Returns or exchanges can only be made during the following specified time periods no matter the reason for the return:

  • First 10 class days of the fall or spring semester
    First 5 class days of a summer session
  • Within 3 business days of purchase.
    (Providing it is before the last official withdrawal date in the term.  Please check the academic calendar for this date.)

No refunds/exchanges will be allowed after the last official Withdrawal date in the term.

No refunds will be issued for Continuing Education/Occupational Extension/Healthcare course materials or study guide/reference books such as TEAS, ServSafe, and Notary Public books.

Apparel, Gifts, School Supplies:

Apparel and gift items purchased at the Vance Granville CC Bookstore may be exchanged or refunded. You must have the original receipt and the merchandise must be in original condition for the exchange or refund. Exchanges only of apparel and gift items will be made when no receipt is available for original purchase.

School supplies, such as pencils or notebooks, are not eligible for an exchange/refund.

Electronic devices, such as calculators or recorders, will be exchanged within 3 days of date of purchase if it is determined that the device is not functioning properly. You must have the original receipt for the exchange.

No refund or exchange is given for computers.  All computers come with a warranty from Dell.  Please contact Dell support for any computer issues.


Q2.  When making a return, will I receive cash as my refund?

  • When receiving a refund for a purchase, the student will only receive cash if the original purchase was with cash.  Under some circumstances, the bookstore will not have enough cash on hand to provide the refund.  In those cases, a check will be issued from the Business Office and mailed to the student for the amount of the refund.

Q3.  If I originally paid with a debit/credit card, will my refund be issued to that card?

  • If your original purchase was with a credit card, your refund must be issued to the card that was charged on the original transaction.  The credit cannot be given in cash or applied to another card.  If your original purchase was made with a debit card, you will receive a check from the business office for the amount of the refund.  The bookstore cannot issue credit back to a debit card.

Q4.  If I paid with financial aid, how will I receive a refund for my purchase?

  • If financial aid is still available in the bookstore, your refund will be posted back to your financial aid account.  Once financial aid is no longer available, the Business Office will be informed of your refund amount and you will be issued a check refund that will be mailed to your address on file at the college.

Q5.  Can I get a refund on textbooks that are still in the original packaging after the 10 day refund period?

  • VGCC Bookstore will not issue a refund for textbooks after the 10 day period.  Students may sell the books at buyback or may sell them to another student.

Q6.  Can I get a refund on shrink-wrapped textbooks that have been opened?

  • Textbooks that were originally in shrink-wrap that have been opened can be returned within the 10 day period as long as all materials are included and there is no damage to the contents.  If access codes have been opened (even if they are not scratched) or some parts are missing, the bookstore cannot issue a refund.  If a refund is issued, a 10% restocking fee will be charged. 

Q7.  Can I get a refund for an opened access code?

  • Please contact the bookstore manager to determine if an access code can be refunded. 

Q8.  Can I get a refund if I drop my classes, even if it is after the 10 day period?

  • No, a refund will not be issued after the 10 day refund period. 

Q9.  Can I return opened headphones/calculators/other electronics to the bookstore?

  • No, electronics cannot be returned to the bookstore once they have been opened.  Any electronics that do not function can be brought to the bookstore within 3 days of purchase and the bookstore staff will EXCHANGE the broken item for a new one.

 Q10.  Can I return my laptop/tablet to the bookstore?

  • No, each laptop/tablet purchased from the bookstore is covered by a 3 year warranty from Dell.  It is the student’s responsibility to register the device with Dell.  Dell will honor all warranty on any laptop/tablet.

Q11.  Can I return clothing that I purchased for a refund?

  • Clothing can be returned within 2 weeks of purchase for exchange or refund as long as it is in original condition.  A refund will only be issued if the clothing is in original condition (all tags, etc.) and the original receipt is present.  If there is no receipt, an exchange will be made.

Q12.  Can I return a clearance item?

  • All clearance items are nonreturnable and nonrefundable.