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For Financial Aid information and dates check out our Financial Aid Info page.

The FAQ page has lots of VGCC Bookstore information. Check there for answers to common questions.


FALL 2020

Monday              August 10, 2020                 Financial Aid opens for FALL term

Please make sure your Financial Aid funds are in place before submitting an online order. Processing will take place in the order received and will be shipped via FedEx Home delivery.

The VGCC Bookstore is currently closed. Please use our TEXTBOOKS link above to order your textbooks for Fall 2020 term. We are offering FREE Fall Term Shipping. (Some restrictions apply. Please strive to place one order for all materials.)

The LAST day of financial aid for Spring 2020 16-week,12-week, 1st 8-week, and 1st and 2nd 4-week classes will be February 20, 2020.  (Students will not be able to purchase books for these classes during any other financial aid dates.)

Financial aid will re-open on March 2, 2020 for 2nd 8-week and 3rd and 4th-week mini-terms. Financial aid will close on March 13, 2020.  (Once financial aid closes, students will not be able to make any financial aid purchases in the bookstore.)

Financial aid will not re-open after these dates until Summer 2020 term.

Monday              December 2, 2019          Financial Aid opens for mini-term

Friday                 December 13, 2019        Financial Aid closes for mini-term

Monday              January 6, 2020               Financial Aid opens for spring term at all bookstores (16-week, 1st 8-week, 1st and                                                                                     2nd 4-week mini term classes)
Thursday            February 20, 2020          Financial Aid closes for first disbursement
Monday              March 2, 2020                 Financial Aid reopens for 2nd 8 week and 3rd and 4th 4-week mini terms
Friday                 March 13, 2020               Financial Aid closes for spring term

Monday              May 18, 2020                 Financial Aid opens for summer term at all bookstores
Friday                 June 5, 2020                  Financial Aid closes for summer term